Leave your voice phone message with the make, model number AND the problem description to get a FREE REASONABLE repair estimate valued at $150 by phone, usually the same day....REPAIR AND SAVE!

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Best Appliance Service & Repair in the area.

APPLIANCE DOCTOR / Steve Novak is AHAM/NARDA Certified, Senior Service Engineer and appliance repair professional based in the Guilderland NY area that provides a large range of professional repair services with a FREE VOICE PHONE ESTIMATE! I am entirely qualified and regularly trained to meet the highest of standards. Services include washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, electric oven, fridge, and freezer repairs. Have a look at reviews from previous customers and you will understand that after 45 years I am one of the most experienced servicer's in the Capital District. We are open 24/7 to receive phone calls at 518-356-2134 and can’t wait to give you a free reasonable repair estimate on your major appliance within a few hours.

We care about customer service

We are a first class appliance repair business that puts good customer service at the heart of our business. We deliver a fast, competent response to all repair requests with next day service sometimes or whenever you’re ready, You can get in touch with us by voice @ 518-356-2134 24/7. Our answering service is always open and all of our repairs are guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

We are innovative in our approach

APPLIANCE DOCTOR / Steve Novak uses the best and most advanced tools to get your appliance fixed. We carry most of the essential parts in our fully equipped van when we come and visit you. Our use of industry-leading technology allows us to repair an appliance promptly, safely, and efficiently and that’s why our repairs are ensured keep you happy. You are only as good as your tools, after all.


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19 Reviews

Rich S

29 June 2021

29 June


Steve Novak is a prompt and knowledgeable appliance repairman. He's also honest and fair. He stayed true to his quote even though the repair took a little longe...
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Peggy novak

08 June 2021

08 June


Mr Novak is a very professional and mostly knowledgeable repairman. He responded to my call quickly (on a weekend) and with a few questions and a model number ...
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